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“White Medical” is a project of a specialist doctor of the highest category in the field of neurosurgery Konstantin Viktorovich Topor, who has been practicing in medicine for 20 years.
The team assembled under his leadership clearly meets all the established requirements: a large amount of practice, a responsible attitude to their duties and a striving for continuous development – that is what forms our personnel.

The main goal of the clinic is to provide quality medical services that are not inferior to European standards.

Depending on the patient’s needs, there is a wide range of them: the best specialists in the field of neurology, neurosurgery, intensive care, cardiology, surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, rehabilitation, aesthetic and many other branches of medicine are available.

At the White medical clinic, the concepts of professionalism and quality are closely related to each other, which results in a quick and high-quality patient recovery.

Topor Konstantin Viktorovich

Center director, neurosurgeon of highest category



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Company values

The key factors for the success of our clinic is great attention to patients: to delve into the problem, select the necessary treatment, provide high-quality medical services, do everything possible for your recovery – our highest priority. After all, our clientele is people who expect to receive high-quality, first-class care from leading medical professionals.

We not only provide highly qualified specialists in our field, but also regularly consult with international specialists in order to maintain high standards of medical care.

Great attention to patients

High quality of services

International standards of medical care


We pay no less attention to the staff; their training and continuous growth in their fields of activity. The company adheres to the highest brand in serving its patients and realizes how important a carefully selected staff is. Our employees regularly undergo internships, take part in various international conferences and successfully implement the acquired knowledge in our clinic.

Goncharenko Anna Olegovna


We believe that a competent, attentive attitude to work allows us not only to achieve career growth, but also to provide the best service for our patients during the entire treatment process.

Our idea

White medical is primarily about the pursuit of excellence: in the provision of services, treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of your health.

Looking at the world around us today, we reckon with the generally accepted standards of the best clinics in the world, their technologies and treatment methods. It is important for us to maintain in our clinic everything necessary for the trust of our patients, realizing this through continuous growth in each of the presented areas of medicine.

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Our future

In the near future, it is planned not only to significantly expand the range of services, but also to personalize the approach to each patient as much as possible in order to obtain the maximum possible result from the treatment. We are confident that the future of medicine lies in high quality, which is equal in terms of its performance to foreign clinics.
With us, your health is in good hands.

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